The Spirra is Korea’s response to the Honda/Acura NSX, featuring all the components of a true exotic sports car.

High performance and sexy lines have boosted this luxury car into the headlines, and now there is an electric model, for the luxury EV car lovers out there! Don’t panic, the electric EV Spirra sports car will not sacrifice power in the name of the environment.

Sophisticated Craftsmanship to ensure quality and precision

The same design principle applies to the interior where one can find full leather treatment throughout to maintain a high quality feel but without inhibiting the joy of driving. The driving feel is a higher priority than speed or luxury. The interior is designed to retain that balance between luxury and function.

Each Spirra is completely hand assembled by our team of professional craftsmen and mechanics in our dedicated production line. This production method ensures that each car meets our strict requirements in quality and precision.

The Spirra is our first of many future generations of supercars. Therefore, our efforts are concentrated in ensuring that our standards meet the expectation of our clients who are eagerly awaiting to be among the first to sit behind the wheel.